March 2010 :Nedelcovych Family Diving Charter

Amy, Pierre, Brooke, Sava & Dijana Nedelcovych

This was a return trip for Amy & Pierre but this time they decided to bring their three children for a family vacation. While on board we had our friend, Bethany, a certified Dive Instructor in St. Thomas, certify Brooke, Dijana and Sava. After the course was finished we took them for their first lobster dive and made them catch their own dinner. We then left St. Thomas for the British Virgin Islands for more diving adventures. This was by far a chance of a lifetime for their family to do this together. Having spent four seasons in the Caribbean, we are still constantly finding new dive sites and wreck dives. No two are alike and always a new experience even if you dove it before. The visibility is usually sixty to one hundred feet and the water temp is always 78 to 84. Not bad for their first experience.

The pictures speak for themselves. When not diving, snorkeling the caves on Norman Island, surrounded by tiny reef fish and friendly yellowtail snappers, can be just as satisfying. Finding a perfectly beautiful cove at night for a good nights sleep on board the Tiki is a good way to end a day. We hope someday they can return for another Tiki Adventure. Oh, and PS: It was great being able to spend Amy's Very Special Birthday onboard???

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