January 2012: JD and Ceil Dive Charter

JD & Ceil

The first thing Ceil and JD wanted to do when they arrived was to get in the warm tropical water. Teaching them the resort dive was an easy task, they took to diving like a fish in water. The Tiki then took off for the BVI's and a familiar reef that would excite any new or advanced diver. This time we were in luck, four friendly tarpon that we had seen on the previous charter, came back for a visit. Lillians reef goes from 15ft. to a 55ft. ledge if you choose. Tropical fish surrounded us everywhere along with dozens of species of soft and hard corals in a multitude of colors. At night the cove at Soldier Bay was calm and peaceful and the sky was filled with an infinite amount of stars.

Tarpon Ceil Trumpetfish

After her morning coffee Ceil was off paddle boarding to the beach on a little treasure hunt. Later while snorkeling the caves at Norman Island they had an exciting encounter as the sun was setting. A large, spotted, green moray eel came slithering out in to full view. This is an unusual behavior as they usually like to be out of sight with just their head and teeth protruding out from some hole or cave opening. Next they saw a turquoise blue octapus just cruising along in search of his evening meal. Being surrounded by the resident sergeant majors, blue tangs and huge yellowtail snappers was an awesome ending to a perfect day. Bev Ceil JD with Seargent majors

Exploring the old steam driven marine railway on Hassel Island , built back in 1843, was right up JD and Stormys alley. By the time these two ol' fishermen left this sight, they knew just exactly how every machine and gear had originally worked. Ceil your ships come in At the end of a Caribbean day you can always count on a spectacular sunset to sit back, relax and have a cool tropical rum drink by.

PS: Ceil next time maybe we'll find more porcelain and keep on Paddle boarding. JD, how's that coin feel?

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