Tiki Adventures offers you a premier choice for Surfing, Diving and Cruising Charters in the Caribbean.

The Tiki has no set schedule, so break out a map and ask yourself where and when you would like to go. Book an Adventure for as long as you like!



We are now accepting Reservations and Deposits for the Caribbean Charter season onboard the Tiki XIV. For your convenience we can now accept Cash, Check or Credit Card payments.

Stormy, Bev, Drex and Collin: The Tiki XIV Family

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Caribbean Charter Booking Information

Surfing, Diving and Cruising Charters

Charter Season (December thru May)
Come join us for Diving, Surfing and Cruising term charters in the Virgin Islands. Please contact us for other destinations. The cost is $300 per person/per day with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 guests for weekly charters. All food, snacks and beverages are included except alcohol, which can be purchased in the Islands.

The Tiki has Dive Equipment for up to 10 divers. We have 24 Tanks, 10 BCD's, Weights, Flippers, Snorkels and an onboard Compressor. We do not offer wetsuits, dry suits or adjustable fins. The Captain is a PADI certified Dive Masters.

We offer the Resort Dive Course for anyone interested and can also connect you with a PADI Dive Instructor if you would like to complete Dive Certification while on board.

Check out the Captains Journal and The Journal entries to see pictures and read about our previous charters. Due to our growing customer base, please make reservations for your charters as soon as possible to reserve your best available dates.

** If you'd like to fish in the British Virgin Islands, an additional $45 per person/per week will be added to pay for fishing permits. The US Virgin Islands are free.

If you need help booking your flight and arranging transportation, we will gladly help by recommending a good travel agent. Tiki Adventures has a licensed Captain and has passed US Coast Guard Inspection. Read about the crew onboard the Tiki XIV.


About the US Virgin Islands

The islands are hot and humid throughout the year, with most rain falling between August and October. The busiest tourist season is from December to May, during the northern hemisphere winter. The U.S. Virgin Islands has year-round warm temperatures with average temperatures ranging from 77 deg. F in winter to 82 deg. F in summer. English is the official language. S