Meet the Crew of the TIKI XIV

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Captain H. Drexel Harrington "STORMY"

Stormy is the owner and captain of the Tiki and will be in charge of operations. He has been a captain for over three decades, and has knowledge in every aspect of seamanship. If it's broke he can fix it! Stormy has built two boats from the hull up and refurbished six. He has his 200-ton Captains license, sailing endorsement, towing endorsement, and is trained in first aid. Stormy is a PADI certified Dive Master. In 2007 Stormy was inducted into the Ocean City Chapter Surfrider Foundation as a Legend.

Stormy has two sons, Drex & Collin, and his wife and partner, Bev. Stormy and his family have been snowbirds since his oldest son started elementary school. Having lived 8 months of the year in the Florida Keys and 4 months in Ocean City, MD over a span of 20 years, Stormy became an avid diver. He has had many dive jobs in the past such as installing the infamous Sombrero Reef mooring buoys off of Marathon Key and has also participated in salvage diving in Maryland. He has been a commercial fisherman by trade for most of his life and has the knowledge and skills to catch any fish in the sea. Stormy started surfing when he was fourteen and has committed his life to working hard and finding the perfect wave.

surfing costa rica

Captain Drexel Harrington III "Drex"

Drex is the co-captain aboard the Tiki. He has his 200-ton Captains license, sailing endorsement, and is trained in First Aid. Drex has lived his whole life on the water. He worked as first mate commercial fishing with his dad for nine years and now as the co-captain on charters aboard the Tiki XIV. He also captained their 50 ft. commercial fishing sailboat during summers in Ocean City. Drex is also a PADI certified Dive Master.

In 2000, he graduated from Flagler, a small private college in St. Augustine, FL. He holds a degree in Business Administration & a minor in Communications. He was a member of the Flagler surf team and has been an avid surfer since he was twelve. Drex is semi-fluent in Spanish and would like to be completely fluent soon. He is an energetic individual who loves adventure.

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Bev Harrington

Bev is Captain Stormys wife. Having lived in the Florida Keys she too became an avid diver and now has her Advanced Diver Certification. On board the Tiki she is the main Chef and enjoys creating memorable meals out of the days catch. Bev finds it very rewarding to be in charge of the office detail, keeping a clean and comfortable vessel, and making sure that the guests are well fed. She likes taking the guests, on her 16 ft. Carolina Skiff, to exotic beaches for snorkeling, exploring or just shopping around for souvenirs on the different islands. She is an accomplished Silversmith pursuing jewelry making since 1990. With the use of her underwater camera, a DVD of your scuba and island excursions is always a good way to remember your "Tiki Adventure". Her determination to surf started the day that Drex turned 22.

surfing costa rica

Collin Harrington

Collin is the youngest son of Stormy and Bev and has been around the water his whole life. He has worked on boats off and on with his dad and brother since he was twelve. He took up wakeboarding in the Florida Keys and is now a Professional Wakeboarder. He is currently living in Orlando, Florida, and pursuing his professional career. He will occasionally be a surprise guest on the vessel when not occupied by the pro tour or doing photo shoots for his sponsors. His other passion is surfing world class waves and when in the Caribbean he enjoys trying to out surf his brother and dad. He too is an accomplished Videographer having just produced his first Wakeboard Video called "BOX OF FUN". Collin enjoys photography, skydiving, scuba diving, wakeboarding and surfing. Collin also is a PADI certified Rescue Diver.

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