February: 2012 Patti & John, Sue & John, Patty & Charlie Dive Charter

Bev, Sue & John, Patty & Charlie, Patti & John, Drex

Goliath Grouper on the Wreck of the Rhone

The Baths at Virgin Gorda & the Caves at Norman Island The perfect spot for a Kodak moment Patti & John Sue & John Safari ride Flowers at the Top of the Baths Inside the cave at Norman Island


Stormy enjoys teaching the Resort dive at Savannah Bay. Our guests can stand in waist deep crystal blue water while they find their comfort level in scuba gear and then immediately swim off into the surrounding reef for a shallow dive. The pristine waters in this little bay never disappoint a first time or advanced diver. Sue John A friend of the Tikis stumbled on a beautiful piece of reef off of Norman Island, and decided to name it after his sister. We now know it as Lillians Reef. It's become one of our favorite dives with multi species of tropical fish, hard and soft corals and a resident school of silver tarpons. PS: Thanks Tom and Lillian Patti Tarpon Rainbow Parrot Fish John Tube worms Stormy the Dive Master Colorful soft corals Patty Diving the Wreck of the Rhone When John came face to face with this Goliath Grouper, his experience was complete. Goliath Grouper

While traveling around by dinghy, other Islands are never too far away for your next adventure. The Safari ride can take you to locations not easily accessible by water. Happy Hour, at Woodys in St. Johns, is a good way to loosen up, relax and get ready for the cruise. Drex Bev & Stormy John, it must have been a hard day at the office? Jitters and Sue on their own deserted beach Everybody dances at Willey T's Sopers Hole, Tortolla Sue, Patty and Patti Now John, is that any way to spend your vacation? Patti & John, Sue & John, Patty & Charlie we'll see you all back home If you're lucky enough, you'll wake with the sunrise, see an occasional rainbow during the day, and settle in for the evening with another spectacular Caribbean sunset

PS: Jitters, we're surfing next time

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