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We want to take you on an adventure through paradise. Come join the crew onboard the "Tiki XIV" for a trip to some of the best surfing and diving spots in the Virgin and surrounding Caribbean Islands. We will take you to tropical remote locations which few ever journey to. Weather you want to surf the pristine beaches, once explored by the likes of Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and the infamous Blackbeard, dive the ships they sank in battle or enjoy the local rum punch as the sun sets over the horizon, the Tiki XIV is equipped to do it all.

We are a relaxed family run business and want to give you memories that will last a lifetime. We're ready to take you on a Tiki Adventure.

January 2010: Frank and Kasey Harvey, Mitchell and Sheila Harvey, Eric and Wendie Green Charter

While onboard the Tiki, Frank, Kasey, Mitchell and Eric caught epic surf with overhead waves the entire time. It seemed that as the week went on, the waves just got bigger and no one was disappointed. When not surfing, Stormy instructed the four surfers with the Resort Dive course. This was a new experience for most of them and one they won't soon forget. When diving in the Caribbean you see reefs, caves, wrecks and sea life you would only expect to see in an aquarium setting. The visibility is always a comfortable sixty to one hundred feet plus, with the water temperature ranging from seventy eight to eighty four degrees. A perfect setting for the ultimate Caribbean vacation.

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Christmas 2009: Weigner Family Charter

Nina, Nick, Grandma Stacey, Ryan, Rose, Ian & Annie spent Christmas week onboard the Tiki. The surf was head high, the diving incredible and the cruising was perfect. The 82 degree temperature couldn't have made for a more perfect Caribbean vacation. The Weigners had returned for their third Tiki Adventure finding new coves to anchor, more islands to explore, new reefs to dive and epic waves to surf. Some of their highlights are being able to catch their own lobster, fish and conch for the evening meals. Returning to the Baths in Virgin Gorda is just as exciting the second and even the third time. You never get tired of the breathtaking view from the "Top of the Baths" or enjoying one of the Islands favorite tropical drinks at the Tiki bar. At Willey T's there's never a dull moment and the music doesn't stop until the last dancer can dance no more. After having the Weigners onboard for three Charters in as many years they have become more like Tiki family. Thank you all for letting us share with you another incredible "Tiki Adventure".

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