March 2010: Fuel TV presents "Mission Caribbean" with "Tiki Adventures"

March 2010 Surfers: Ben Bourgeois, Alex Gray, Alek Parker, Cheyne Magnusson Wakeboarders: Collin Harrington, Parks Bonifay, JD Webb

In March of 2010 for the production of the "Fuel TV" show "Mission Caribbean" which aired May 3, 2010, four pro-surfers, three pro-wakeboarders, one Fuel TV producer, two water photographers and the crew of the Tiki XIV, Captain Stormy, Captain Drex and Bev Harrington, spent ten days cruising through the Caribbean surfing, wakeboarding and diving for the adventure of a lifetime.

In this one of a kind special, we joined three of the worlds best wakeboarders with four of the worlds best surfers, on a ten surf and wake exploration of the Caribbean. The goal was to explore the relationships between wakeboarding and surfing, in an epic journey not only for pumping waves, but also for some of the most pristine waters ever shredded. With the likes of WCT veteran Ben Bourgeois, Drive Thru star Alex Gray, and the most renowned wakeboarder of all time, Parks Bonifay, just to name a few, it was undoubtably a ground breaking trip in and out of the water.

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