Tiki Adventures Surveys and Offshore Opps

The Tiki has performed surveys with Side-Scan, Magnetometer, Multi-Beam, Chirp and Spark for Geophysical and Bathymetric Surveys, also buoy placement and retrieval, under water search and retrieval operations for the United States Geological Society (USGS), Fugro Atlantic, North Carolina University, and other Universities. While the homeport being Ocean City, Maryland, the Tiki will travel the East Coast, Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. The TIKI crew will tailor the vessel for your needs if necessary.

Captain H. Drexel Harrington (owner/operator) and his son, Captain H. Drexel Harrington lll, are both 200-ton Captains and have worked this vessel for the past 14 years. Captain Stormy has 45 years of ocean experience and his son and first mate, Drex, has 18.

Both Captains also have experience in Commercial Fishing, Shark collecting for Aquariums around the world for the past 20 years, and term Charters in the Caribbean and East Coast onboard the Tiki XIV. They also are certified Dive Masters.

The Tiki XIV is an 80ft. refurbished, steel trawler fully equipped with:

  • 20 ft. A Frame
  • 300 sq. ft. open deck aft
  • 2,000 lb. capacity crane for loading equipment
  • 400 sq. ft. sheltered deck
  • Closed Salon for equipment and electronics
  • Full Galley
  • Berthing for up to twelve guests in five staterooms
  • Three bathrooms in guest area for gender separation
  • Full Work Shop equipped with most hand tools and full welding equipment
  • Auto Pilot
  • SSB Radio
  • 2 VHF Radios
  • Sat Phone
  • RDF
  • AIS
  • 2 / 72 mile Radars
  • 2 / GPS Plotters
  • 2 Depth Sounders
  • 1 / 40 KW Generator
  • 1 / 30 KW Generator (Both generators can run at the same time and are capable of delivering single and three phase electric.)
  • 365 HP Cat coupled to a 6 to 1 gear

For more information please contact Captain H. Drexel Harrington ( Stormy ) stormy@tikiadventures.com


Per day -$3,500.00 standard
Price may fluctuate per day depending on job type, fabrication needs and fuel costs.

For Quote Contact
Tiki XIV, Inc.
Captain H. Drexel Harrington (Stormy)
12928 Swordfish Dr.
Ocean City, Md. 21842
410-713-1623 / 410-713-1622
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