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surfing costa rica

Saturday,March 15, 2008
All Over The US & British Virgin Islands


This is a follow up from the previous update. This charter we had the pleasure of having some really great guests aboard. Nick, Ian & Ryan Weigner, Ians girlfriend Anne-Lauren (Annie) Graham, Elia Pertsou and his girlfriend Aubrey Ludford and Tom Trilla. Kerry, who is Captain Stormys brother, flew in to give a hand cooking and having an epic time. We took everyone for a dive off St. Thomas on one of our secret wrecks thats in 80 feet of water. We were going to spearfish and look for lobsters but ended up running into an eight foot Bullshark! Nick and Ryan were about to swim through a part of the wreck that had fallen over when from the other side of the swim through the bullshark came in and swam straight at us! Nicks BCD was hung up on a part of the wreck when he tried to back out so he ended up punching the shark in the nose with his left hand and hit it in the gills with his flashlight with his right hand! The shark turned and swam away super pissed. We later found the shark wedged in part of the wreck recouping from the blows. After that we were all pretty low on air from all the excitement and ascended to safety. Did I mention that I happened to be filming the whole time this happened. I filmed up to the point were the shark was about 10 feet from me and got out of there. Great video footage of the shark! We then went for a conch dive and scored our limit of 24 conchs to stock us up with some more fresh food for the trip. We departed around 5 am from St. Thomas and checked in with Customs on Tortola. We then went for a dive on the Wreck of the Rhone, which is in about 80 feet of water and is considered one of the most famous dives in the British Virgin Islands. We swam all through the wreck and found a 300 pound jewfish chilling out. We also got to see a turtle inside the wreck eating. I filmed this dive also and got some epic footage. Actually I filmed every dive and logged 6 hours of underwater footage that is absolutely spectacular. I am making a video of the whole adventure. We then snorkeled the caves on Norman Island and got surrounded by fish and got some great pics. We dove the Indian and found some great swim throughs and saw a huge spotted eagle ray and a nurse shark. We then dove Ring Dove Rock in the middle between Norman Island and the Indian. We saw a turtle and a million fish and possibly the most different kinds of plant life I have ever seen in one place. We went to Willy Ts that evening and it was going of like I have never seen before. There were around 150 people there going nuts! There were some instances were you definitely didnt want a child to see. They are famous for people jumping off of the boat bar nude! We made it until 11:30 and retreated back to the boat before everyone became too intoxicated, or maybe there were a few people that it was already to late for. For some reason most of the people on board woke up with headaches. I think a drunk front came through or something, haha I am going to continue with the rest of the captains journal from this trip on the next update so stay tuned because this trip only gets better and better. This trip rocked! I will be updating more pics and verbage in the next couple of days. Captain Drex

surfing costa rica

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