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surfing costa rica

Tuesday,February 05, 2008
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Head high with some bigger sets. Great Diving and Bottom Fishing. Air temp around 80, water temp 79 degrees

Our charter was a father and son adventure. Mike and Ryan Mcguire and Pete and Jake Howe. They flew into St. Thomas and we picked them up in Lindberg Bay on the beach. Our guests always love getting picked up on the beach with our skiff and taken to the Tiki. It beats the standard procedure of catching a cab. When we get to the Tiki, the first thing everyone wants to do is get in the water. Jake who is 12 and Ryan who is 13 decided that they were going to immediately abandon ship. We all took turns jumping off of various levels of the Tiki. That evening we cooked up a mean lobster pasta, which my dad and I snared the day before. I would say that was a hit. The next morning we went surfing at Hull Bay and scored some head high surf with some overhead sets. The angle was right for Hull and the waves had some juice to them, probably the best I have ever surfed Hull Bay. Unfortunately we didn't get many pics of that session. Jake and Ryan 1st paddled out on bodyboards and then Mike and Ryan took turns trying out my mom's funshape surfboard. Everyone also did a little snorkeling. We spent the majority of the day at Hull Bay. The next morning we took them out to the south drop to bottom fish for Red Hinds and Trigger Fish. We ended up catching 38 fish in total, which I would say was a great day of fishing. We wrapped up the day by anchoring off of St. Johns and spending the night there. The next morning Stormy and I taught everyone the 20 skills they teach you to become a certified diver and took them for a shallow dive off of Caneel Bay. We went to land after the dive and had Happy Hour at Woody's. We went to the Front Yard next where Jake and Ryan played a few games of pool. We opted to go back to St. Thomas the next morning so that we could take them on a dive off of the west side of the island. We started out in about 20 feet and worked our way of the edge to around 68 feet. Unfortunately Pete had some problems with his ears, so he snorkeled while the rest off us completed our dive. Everyone did excellent and I think that Mike, Jake and Ryan found a new hobby. The next day we took them for a wreck dive on The Kennedy, which is one of the Navy Barges. It is in about 55 feet of water. Bev took her waterhousing and got some great pics. I took my video camera with its housing and filmed the dive, which turned out great. I shot a 3 lb. gray snapper to stoke Jake and Ryan out. We saw some lobsters, but they were too far back in the wreck to reach with our snares. That evening Mike treated us to a dinner at Hook, Line & Sinker, which has great good. Thanks Mike! The next morning before everyone flew out Pete treated us do breakfast at Crown Bay, which was also excellent. I can safely say that everyone had an epic trip. I don't think you can ask for a much better father and son Adventures. We look forward to their next Tiki Adventure. Thanks for being great guests! Captain Drex

surfing costa rica

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