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surfing costa rica

Friday,January 18, 2008
British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden and Secret Barrel

Overhead with double overhead sets and FIRING! Air Temp in the 80's, Water Temp around 80.

Collin, Laurel, Kitty, and Tim got to score an epic swell with us in the BVI's. Before the swell we hung out in St. Thomas and taught Kitty and Laurel how to dive. After teaching them the 20 skills we dove Flat Key and then dove one our secret wreck dives loaded with snappers, which we shot 9 for dinner. We then showed them our endless conch dive where Laurel got to score her own dinner. We had an epic cracked conch and snapper dinner and some conch ceviche for lunch. After stocking up on food we headed to the BVI's. Of course no trip would be complete without hitting Willy T's, the floating boat bar so we went their for an early evening Happy Hour after we snorkeled the caves and were surrounded by fish. For New Years we went to Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke and partied like rockstars until the wee hours of the morning. My buddy that I met in Kauai, Tim came over and met up with us to celebrate the New Year and score some surf also. He is from St. Johns, but is currently living full time in Kauai, Hawaii. We scored Apple Bay super fun as well. We couldn't have had a better time, the Virgin Islands once again came through and gave everyone an epic trip of a lifetime! When the swell came the sets were a solid double overhead and some waves peeled for 300 yards or more at Cane Garden. Tim and I surfed a secret wave that was the heaviest I have surfed in the Virgin Islands. We needed bigger boards, but still made a few with big smiles on our faces. I will be updating a bunch more soon with tons of sick surf pics. Captain Drex

surfing costa rica

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