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surfing costa rica

Saturday,May 15, 2004
Playa Escondita Reef Break

6-8 foot faces, fun, glassy and uncrowded Water temp mid 70’s Air temp lower 80’s

The Tiki Crew and friends scored some fun uncrowded surf at the reef at Playa Escondita. It was most of the guys first time at the reef and they all had some sick waves. We were in the water at 5:30 am and avoided the crowd and surfed mid to high tide, which is ideal for the reef break. We hauled anchor and headed to Hermosa for an early afternoon session. We surfed Corners 6-10 foot faces and bombing. There were some really fun waves to be had, but everyone paid the price paddling back out. After that we headed south and steamed the rest of the day and through the night until we reached Cabo Matapalo, which will be the next update. These pics will hold you over until then. Sorry for the delayed pics, but our internet service has been out on our vessel. We scored Cabo Matapalo with solid 6-8 foot faces. We surfed there for 2 sessions. I got some water footage with my underwater housing the 1st session and then filmed the 2nd session from the beach. I will have some good pics from those sessions in the near future. After Matapalo we headed to Punta Burica and surfed some fun head high surf with overhead sets. There were plenty of 100-200 yard rides to be had if you worked it and connected all the way through. It was a little slow in some sections, but others you had to race. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The lineup was empty besides the Tiki Adventures crew and friends. After Punta Burica we headed to Corcovado and surfed 6-8 foot faces that were a little mushy, but if you waited for the sets you could get 75-100 yard long rides on the beach break. You had to work through some sections, but there were some fun sections to rip some good turns on. Once again the line up was empty except us. The luxury of exploring Costa Rica by boat is avoiding the crowds and accessing waves inaccessible by car. We traveled to Drakes Bay after our Corcovado am session to do some sight seeing by skiff in the local tributaries. Our next stop is Dominical in the am on Sunday. I will keep you posted. For know here are the other pics that I was unable to update last update due to our Internet service failure. Captain Drex

surfing costa rica

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